Summer finally arrived

Here in Texas, Hot and Dry are words that we usually use to describe “summer”. So far, the lake rose 60 feet since March because we got rained on big time here in 2007. So Summer, 2007, has been wet and cooler than normal. Some evenings were downright pleasant. But those days are gone. It hit 100 degrees yesterday.
We have only been out on the lake a couple times, and that is too infrequent.

Vera has been in several camps this year. She has been in a sports camp, an outdoor activities camp, vacation Bible School, and for the next 2 weeks she is in a theater camp in Georgetown.
Scott and Aric got to spend a week with Uncle Mark in Silicone Valley. Scott was on staff at the theater camp held at Cedar Park High School. He loved that.

Scott took up the guitar, taking lessons over the past month or so. He is showing some actual talent. Aric decided that he wanted to be a drummer. So we now have a full set of Ludwig drums sitting in our music room. Aric is also showing some serious talent at this drumming thing. He is doing really well in his lessons. My stash of ear plugs is getting a workout as well.
Aric has obtained/earned his Green belt in Tae Kwon Do. He enjoys TKD, and hopefully he can make it all the way to black belt.

Of course, Lacrosse has started back up. Scott is discovering that physical conditioning is important. Especially if you don’t have it. So he has been working out a lot lately. And, yes, it helps.

Speaking of physical conditions, Vera has grown more than 3 inches in the past year. She was 48″ when she came here on July 4, today she is over 51″ tall. Aric is afraid she will catch up to him at that rate 🙂 He figures he only has a year or so head start on her:-) vera is already the same weight as Aric at about 56 lbs, up 8 from last year.

Enough for now. Toodles!


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