Vera has a new favorite Song

Sunday was a great day for us. Sharon played in the Worship event Sunday night at our Church, and I got to spend some alone time with Vera. I took Vera to Grandmom’s so that we could get some plants that she had been saving for us.

On the way back, the song that I had kinda held on to as the anthem for adopting Vera came onto the stereo. I noticed Vera singing it from the back seat. and when the song was over, she made me go back to it so that she could sing it again. I’ve never been so happy to hear her sing… So we sang together…
John Elefante

That’s why God made the moon

There’s a city in the distance,
but it seems so far away.
It’s a place where lonely hearts await
The Son to light their day.
But up here I know it’s silent.
There’s no sorrow to be found;
just heaven all around.
And every star up in the sky
has driven me to testify
that I wanna know you.

That’s why God made the moon.
For nights like these when we dream of all eternity.
As the angels sing the twilight symphony.
They sing la-de-de-de-da-da
la-de-de-de-da-da tonight.
That’s why God made the moon.

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