Warming Up

Well, it’s April 3 and it’s already beginning to warm up here in Austin, enough so that we’re breaking out the lawn equipment for the much-dreaded “landscaping season.” (That’s 9 months each year.) Our neighbors have already been hard at it, disturbing the post-winter quiet with the mellifluous sound of leaf blowers. We’ve resisted as long as we can, but already our lawn is horribly overgrown with grass and (yes) some weeds.

Isn’t it too EARLY to have to start this? Maybe global warming *is* a real possibility. Heck, even the snowmen are being really impacted by this trend:


On the positive side, we’ve planted upside-down tomato plants and have high hopes that they’ll eventually sort themselves out (currently they’re trying valiantly to grow UP in their hanging pots). They’re high enough that they may escape Sydney’s reach. She’s pretty bad about picking off the ripe fruits. This year she’ll have to content herself with the odd berry or try to graze on the rabbit’s herb garden!

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