Old Family Photos

R1-03934-0025 R1-03934-0024 R1-03934-0023 R1-03934-0022 R1-03934-0021 R1-03934-0020 R1-03934-0019 R1-03934-0018 R1-03934-0017 R1-03934-0016 R1-03934-0015 R1-03934-0014 R1-03934-0013 R1-03934-0012 R1-03934-0011 R1-03934-0010My father had a huge stack of old photographic slides. We never owned a projector, so I never had a chance to see what was on these slides.

Yesterday, Sharon came home with the whole lot of them digitized at Walgreens.

Some of them are flipped, and I haven’t had a chance to fix them yet, but if you can’t read, you wouldn’t care…


I hope you enjoy going through them.



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