Velvet Elvis: Page 18

On Page 018, Rob says that everybody has faith.“Because when it comes to faith, everybody has it. People tell me that they could never have faith, that it is just too hard. The idea that some people have faith, and others don’t is a popular one. But it is not a true one. Everybody has faith. Everybody is following somebody. What often happens is that people with specific beliefs about God end up backed into a corner, defending their faith against the calm, cool rationality of others. As if they have faith and beliefs, and the others don’t.”

How do you feel about that? Do you believe that we are all choosing to have faith somewhere, either faith is Christ, Allah, Shiva, or the matter of the universe, or something…

I’ve been reading a book called “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest” and it is making the point that the probabilities needed for life, much less the universe, to exist require much more faith than believing in God. It points out that much of the scientific world view is having to state “We must remember that these animals are not designed, but merely selected by nature, despite the fact that it appears in all ways to be designed.” (A quote from some famous scientist, I don’t remember which one)
And so, this scientist is placing his faith with the matter of the universe.

Does our so-called athiest friend have a faith in something, but just not in God?

How does that affect our conversation with them? How can we use that knowledge to share the gospel with them?

Update, At Last!

Friday was really exciting! I checked email to find a group post about our agency’s summer hosting program. After calling, we found out that the information about the children coming this year is almost ready, and that she is ready to present a referral to us!

All we know so far is that she’s six years old, and her name is Vera. (In Russia, pronounced “VYAIR-ah”, meaning “faith.”)

We expect to find out more this week.

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